Goodvin Nerko & Helg Lugano ART

Hello everyone,
Our names Helg Lugano and Goodvin Nerko, we are a couple.
Each one of us has really different hobbies and interests, but one thing we have in common is an art.
Art is a really amazing thing where you can do whatever you want with so many different tools. That is what we are doing, every time trying new technics, mediums and subjects. But all the time we true to the theme – nude male body.
For now all our works you can find on a Facebook page www.facebook.com/nerkolugano<br />We always open for a custom orders or interesting ideas, so if you have something in you mind just lest us know.
Also we will be grateful if someone have an advise of journals where we can be published, exhibitions etc.
Thanks for visiting!

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